Slow start to 2019? Call timeout

Hands making timeout gesture
Call timeout to restart your resolutions

We’re one month into 2019 and many of our plans and resolutions have already hit the wall of reality. Interruptions and unexpected problems have derailed your progress or maybe even kept you from getting started.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sixty-four percent of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions before February. So what do you do?

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Suppose one team quickly scores two touchdowns in the first quarter, putting the opposing team immediately in a hole. What does the coach of the losing team do in that situation? Does the losing team give up on their goal of winning a championship because they didn’t start the game as they’d hoped? No. The coach calls timeout, pauses the game to stop the momentum against his team. He takes the opportunity to remind his players of the game plan and to make any adjustments that might be needed. He sends his team back out onto the field, with the message that they still have plenty left in the game.

So if your resolutions aren’t off to the start you’d hoped for, you don’t have to give up on your goals. Call a timeout. Pause, take a breath and remind yourself of two things: your game plan and the fact that you have plenty of time to get back on track.

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