Back to school shopping for grown-ups

Feel like a kid again with back to school supplies for your office

September is right around the corner and that means it’s time to go back to school. It’s a big deal if you’re a teacher, student, or parents of school-age kids. But what does back to school mean for the rest of us?

Back to school used to mean shopping and lots of new stuff: new clothes, new notebooks, new lunch box. It wasn’t as exciting as Christmas but still, new stuff.

My favorite part of back-to school-shopping was picking out a new lunch box. My new lunch box had to be fun and set the tone for the new school year.

I still love back-to-school shopping, only now I use it to stock up on office supplies instead of school supplies. And like my lunch box, I still choose fun items that set the tone for me and my business.

Here are some fun “school supplies” for your office:

Honest Acronym and Days of the Week  file folders

Colorful file folders can brighten and lighten up the dullest meetings.

Greenroom notebooks

I LOVE this notebooks from Target!! They’re just the right size with cute colorful covers.

Captain Marvel backpack

This backpack would make anyone feel like a superhero at work.

R2D2 Portable Charger

This cute charger will make sure your phone never runs out of juice.

Ravenclaw lunch bag

Show your house pride with this Harry Potter-themed lunch box.


  1. This reminds me of how much I loved my soft-sided Mary Poppins lunchbox (with thermos) in second grade. And office supplies are DEFINITELY the grownup version of school supplies. I never take a note without my purple legal pads, and twelve years after I got it, I’m still showing off my Züca backpack with all the nifty sections and dividers. Great, fun post!

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