3 Reasons to Start Your New Year’s Resolutions in February

Improve your chances of succeeding at your New Year’s resolutions

As the calendar turns to January, many people begin the annual tradition of making their New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, most of those folks are bound to be disappointed. According to US News & World Report, 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February. (Some stats say 1 in 4 people won’t make it a week!) I think it’s a mistake to start New Year’s resolutions in January. Here are three reasons why you should wait until February to start your resolutions.

# 1 You’re still recovering from the holidays

The first reason you should wait is that you’re probably still recovering from the holidays. Thanksgiving is the start of a six-week whirlwind of activity that doesn’t end until after January 1. The work demands of year-end deadlines and personal demands of shopping, travel, and dealing with relatives can make even the most organized and productive person frantic and stressed. By the time the holidays are over, you feel like a deflated balloon. Take it easy the first few days to allow yourself to rest and ease your way into your post-holiday routine. Which brings me to…

#2 Find your new “normal”

The second reason you should wait to start on your resolutions is that after the holidays, you have to find your new “normal.” The new year often brings change with new schedules and duties. Figure out your new schedule and routines before you add in the challenge of your resolutions.

 #3 Watch and learn from others

The third reason to wait is that if you wait you can watch what other people do for their resolutions. You see what works and what doesn’t and apply that knowledge to your resolutions. 

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